Project Number: №58

Textile silk cotton processing complex

  • Textile silk cotton processing complex.
    Babadaykhansky etrap.
    - cotton yarn, 3300 thousand tons
    - unpainted fabric, 20 million m²
    - dyed fabric, 18 million m²
    - finished garments, 3.5 million pieces

    - sum of investments 531, 300,000.00 manat.
    Payback period - 10 years
    Stage of the project - Stage 1
    Implementation period - 05.2018-05.2021
    The purpose of the investment is the successful implementation of the tasks set for the textile industry and increasing the volume of exports of products manufactured in the country
    Form of investment - at the expense of own funds of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan, credit and borrowed funds

  • Project Initiator:
  • Project Address: Akhal region Babadayhan etrap
  • Region: Akhal
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