New Hand-Made Carpet Enterprise Opens in Turkmenistan’s Gubadag Etrap

The commissioning of the enterprise created 150 jobs.

Türkmenhaly (Turkmen Carpets) State Association’s Dashoguz velayat carpet weaving enterprise opened its new plant for the production of hand-made carpets and carpet products in Gubadag etrap, the official media of Turkmenistan reported on Friday.

The new enterprise, erected by Dashoguz’s Demirbetonönümleri enterprise, covers 0.5 hectares. The commissioning of the enterprise created 150 jobs.

The enterprise includes a production hall with an area of 860 square meters, an administrative building, a small museum of Turkmen hand-made carpets, two warehouses for finished products, and office premises.

Türkmenhaly is the main supplier of renowned Turkmen hand-made carpets from Turkmenistan to the global markets. The association includes eight enterprises for the production of traditional Turkmen carpets and these enterprises in turn contain over 100 carpet weaving sites and workshops located in all velayats of Turkmenistan. These enterprises employ more than 5,000 carpet-weavers.


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