Turkmen Company Increases Production of Its Nonwoven Fabrics

The company also produces shopping bags, bags, tablecloths, aprons, hygiene products from spunbond.

Turkmen Senet Economic Society in its plant located at the industrial zone of the Ak bugday etrap in Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat has increased the production of spunbond – a synthetic nonwoven material, the country’s official media reported on Saturday.

The company produced more than 3,000 tons of the nonwoven fabric, the raw material for which is fiber-forming polymers, particularly polypropylene produced at the Kiyanli Polymer Plant.

The company also produces shopping bags, bags, tablecloths, aprons, women’s and children's hygiene products from spunbond at its sewing workshop. Spunbond is also purchased by furniture makers who use fabric as a separator between upholstery and filler.

An automated line installed in the company’s plant monthly produces 300 thousand eco-bags, which are used for packaging products in stores. Made from 100% synthetic fibers, bonded without glue, these bags successfully replace plastic bags.

The main customer of the new products is the Saglyk enterprise of the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. Saglyk enterprise mainly produces disposable medical gowns, protective masks, shoe covers and disposable sets for operating rooms from Spunbond.

The company also exports its nonwovens to Turkey, China and Russia.

By increasing the capacity of the enterprise through acquiring more machinery for the production of nonwovens, Türkmen Senet plans to expand the range of its products.


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