Turkmen Enterprise Produces Sterile Medical Products Worth Around 450,000 Manats

The enterprise produces 6,000 protective masks a day.

Turkmendermansenagat Association's enterprise for the production of sterile dressings in the Dashoguz city in January this year produced medical products worth around 450,000 manats, achieving the growth rate of 128.5%, Turkmenistan’s regional newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The enterprise presently produces 6,000 protective masks a day. The plant has also established the production of new types of sterile dressings.

The enterprise manufactures up to 13 million packages of finished medical products annually using innovative technologies and modern equipment.

The enterprise’s five-layer masks, various medical dressings and protective garments are considered necessary in observing sanitary and hygienic standards in the country, according to the report.

Last year, the plant produced 25 types of products totaling more than eight million manats.


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