Turkmenistan Embraces Innovative Technology for Colored Glass Production

Turkmen Aýna Önümleri of the Türkmensenagat Agency, the Ministry of Industry and Communications, a leading enterprise in the domestic glass industry, has begun production of a new glass product. Its specialists have manufactured the first batch of some 500,000 square meters of blue and green sheet glass that does not fade after reheat treatment or over time.

To produce the colored glass, glassmakers have used iron and cobalt oxides for the first time. When added to the molten glass, these so-called molecular dyes are completely soluble. Adding manganese, nickel and chrome oxides in adequate amounts gives a wide variety of colors.

In addition to molecular dyes, ion-plasma and magnetron sputtering techniques are also used for depositing alloys of the metals aluminum, silver, titan, nickel, and chrome onto glass products, as well as their compounds for producing coatings of different colors: blue, green, silver, golden, etc.

Aside from that, thanks to metal deposition glass has more enhanced properties and benefits. For example, the glass-manufacturing facility makes energy-efficient tinted glass.

Based on the innovative technologies, the colored glass has a wide range of applications. They include: stained-glass windows, window glazing, as a decorative element for interior design. It is also used for the production of lamps, glass installations, homeware, various accessories, medical, photography and video equipment, and others.