Turkmenistan’s Owadan Ülke Launches New Product Line

Owadan Ülke Economic Society produces canned vegetables, mayonnaise sauces, ketchups and jams under the Nur, Mylaýym and Hazyna brands.
Owadan Ülke Economic Society launched the production of quince jam. The Turkmen company also plans to produce jams from watermelon and melon, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan reported on Wednesday.

The company, located in Ak Bugday etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat, already produces canned vegetables, mayonnaise sauces and jams under the Nur, Mylaýym and Hazyna brands.

The company's new product line also includes pickled cucumbers under the Mylaýym brand. The enterprise has the capacity to produce 8 tons of the pickle cucumbers per day.

Owadan Ülke has also started the deliveries of two new types of ketchup, tomato and spicy flavors, in 900-gram plastic buckets under the Nur and Mylaýym brands. The company's workshops produce 8 tons of ketchup per day.

Owadan Ülke’s plant was commissioned in 2016 and the company is one of the manufacturers of import-substituting products in the food sector of the country.


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