Dashoguz Polymer Plant Produces 3.25 Million Manats Worth of Products

Polymer Plant in the city of Dashoguz of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan pays special attention to ensuring environmental safety.

Accoring to the Türkmenistan newspaper’s Wednesday issue the plant produced products worth more than 3.242 million manats during the six months of this year.

The plant mainly produces pipes of 23 sizes, additional parts for conductors and polymeric products that are widely used in households. According to the results of six months, the plant produced 285.50 tons of polypropylene and polyethylene pipes.

The Chairman of workers union of the plant Vepa Kakayev said the company employs 92 specialists, adding that the modern equipment installed in the facilities of the plant and innovative technologies introduced with the aim of digitizing the industry facilitate the work of workers.

“The enterprise produces 23 types of pipes with diameters ranging from 16 to 315 millimeters. Polypropylene pipes are a little stiff, and polyethylene pipes are more elastic, there is a high possibility of their use when laying conductors,” Kakayev noted.

“Currently, the range of polymer products used in households is expanding. The level of product quality is always kept under control,” added Kakayev.

The enterprise has increased the volume of production of elastic products used in the national economy and disposable containers for food products. The plant also manufactures disposable dishes of volumes ranging from 150 to 800 grams.

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