Turkmen Glass Factory Manufactures Products Worth Over 63.5 Million Manats

Türkmen Aýna Önümleri enterprise produced products worth more than 63.5 million manats in the first half of the year, Turkmenistan newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the growth rate of the enterprise located in Ahal velayat’s Gokdepe etrap in southern Turkmenistan amounted to 103.1%.

The Turkmen company exports various types of glass products to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

The enterprise is designed to annually produce 7.2 million square meters of clear glass, 1 million square meters of tinted glass, 300 thousand square meters of tempered glass, 100 thousand square meters of laminated glass, and 400 thousand square meters of double-glazed windows.

The enterprise, subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan, uses local raw materials in production. The glass factory covers an area of 24 hectares and has no analogues in the region.

In addition to glass for construction purposes, the enterprise launched in February 2018 also produces upon orders 15 types of glass containers, which are used in the products of Turkmen entrepreneurs, medicine and households.

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