Economy January-September: Cashless Transactions in Turkmenistan Exceed 12.87 Billion Manats

The total amount of non-cash transactions via bank cards in Turkmenistan from January to September 2023 exceeded 12.87 billion manats, as reported by the e-magazine Bank Habarlary (Bank News) published by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan.

The total volume of non-cash payments made through terminals for the corresponding period amounted to 11.74 billion manats.

According to the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, payments made in January- September 2023 through the Digital Commerce systems amounted to more than 805.51 million manats and over 13.30 million manats through the Mobile Bank system.

The total non-cash payments made through ATMs amounted to more than 274.36 million manats and 1.628 million manats through the Internet Bank system.

According to the bank, over 30.41 million manats of non-cash payments were carried out through the Halkbank Terminal system.

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