Turkmenistan's Balkan Shipyard to Assemble Damen Dredger

Balkan Shipbuilding and Repairing Yard OJSC in Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi is set to commence the assembly of the CSD 650 cutter suction dredger from Damen under the supervision of engineers from Damen Shipyards Group, according to a press release of Balkan Shipyar published on Friday.

As reported in the press release, the assembly of the Damen CSD 650 cutter suction dredger is commissioned on behalf of the Söwda Gurluşyk Maslahat ES.

As part of the preparation for this project, the Deputy Director General of the Balkan Shipyard recently visited the city of Nijkerk, Netherlands, where he participated in the dredger's trials.

During the Deputy Director's visit to the Netherlands, he engaged in the meetings with the management of Damen Shipyards Group. The focus of these meetings was particularly on localization and the establishment of joint construction of Damen dredgers in Turkmenistan.

As noted, the assembly of the Damen CSD 650 dredger at the Balkan Shipyard will mark the first step towards localizing Damen dredger production in Turkmenistan. This move will not only reduce procurement costs but also create new job opportunities and enhance the qualifications of Turkmen specialists in shipbuilding.

Additionally, the Deputy General Director of the Balkan Shipyard during his visit to the Netherlands held a series of meetings with the management of Royal IHC, a global leader in dredger construction and usage.

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