Belli Creative Offers Innovative Solutions to Build Successful Brands

The studio's team of experts has created a brand image for many products that have won the love of local consumers.

The brand’s ability to attract consumers has become as important as its quality. Therefore, not only the quality of the product, but also its name, packaging design and brand image plays a huge role in the product’s success. Founded in 2014, the leading Turkmen design studio Belli Creative offers creative solutions in this direction.

Belli Creative, with more than seven years of experience, is very popular in the field of creative services, the company’s representative told Business Turkmenistan on Tuesday. Over the years, the studio's team of experts has created a brand image for many products that have won the love of local consumers and has created their brand identity that meet international standards. The studio is the author of such popular brands as Belliso, Flink, City, Baltea, and Bold.

Belli Creative has distinctive approach to its work. When developing a brand or product design, the studio determines not only its aesthetic features, but also its strategic role in the local and global markets, as well as marketing moves. The studio conducts extensive research to determine the main potential buyers, taking into account their gender, age and income.

One of the creative solutions of the Belli Creative studio is the information and navigation system of the National Pavilion of Turkmenistan at the World Expo in Dubai.

The creative studio has also taken an active part in creating the brand image of many international events held in Turkmenistan, including the 5th Asian Martial Arts and Indoor Games in Ashgabat, the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships, as well as the brands of Bold, Baltea and Asuda that have won the love of domestic buyers.

The studio has recently revamped its website ( The new website presents a wide range of works created by the Belli Creative team.


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