2023: Non-Cash Transactions In Turkmenistan Surpass 17.3 Billion Manats

The total volume of non-cash circulation via bank cards exceeded 17 billion 372.65 million manats last year, as reported by Bank Habarlary electronic magazine of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan.

Non-cash payments through terminals for the same period amounted to 15 billion 744 million 796 thousand 443 manats.

According to the Central Bank, payments via the E-Commerce system surpassed 1 billion 152 million 356 thousand manats, with over 17 million 430.4 thousand manats through the Mobile Bank system.

Non-cash transactions via ATMs totaled more than 390 million 911.1 thousand manats, and 1 million 994.9 thousand manats through the Internet Bank system.

As reported, the Halkbank terminal system facilitated over 65 million 165.2 thousand manats in non-cash payments, according to the report.

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