Seydi Oil Refinery Processes 135.5 Thousand Tons of Oil

The refinery exported most of the products.

Seydi Oil Refinery (SOR), located in Lebap velayat in the northeastern Turkmenistan, processed 135.5 thousand tons of oil in the first quarter of this year.

During the first three months this year, the refinery produced 68.3 thousand tons of gasoline and 40 thousand tons of diesel fuel. The SOR exported most of the products.

A high level of production automation allows the refinery to increase the depth of oil refining and increase the efficiency of use of hydrocarbon resources in Turkmenistan.

In 2015, a plant for the production of road bitumen with an annual capacity of 37.2 thousand tons appeared in the structure of the plant.

The refinery in Seydi also launched a catalytic reforming unit, with an annual capacity of 500 thousand tons of high-octane gasoline, in 2017.

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