Turkmenistan’s Derýaplastik Launches Production of Electric Water Heaters

The company's capacity allows export of 200 thousand boilers.

Derýaplastik Economic Society in Kaka etrap of Turkmenistan’Ahal velayat has put into operation an enterprise for the production of residential electric water heaters with a volume ranging from 15 to 150 liters, the country’s reported by the official media of Turkmenistan on Sunday.

The company's new products, which cost half the price of imported analouges, are sold with a five-year warranty. The enterprise's capacity allows export of 200 thousand boilers, according to the report.

The Derýaplastik operates four enterprises, two of which produce standardized polymer products such as plastic pipes, parts and fittings, suspended ceilings, window sills and electric cables. The company acquires necessary raw materials for production from Kiyanly Polymer Plant in Balkan velayat.

The Turkmen company also produces around 60 types of household products and plans to launch the production of aluminum radiators this year.

Since 2018, the Derýaplastik ES has been supplying its products not only to the domestic market, but also to neighboring states and to CIS countries.


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