Tatneft Launches Its Tubing Repair Site in Turkmenistan

Heads of the Türkmennebit divisions got acquainted with the unit’s operation on February 5.

Tatneft launched its site for the repair of tubing pipes in Turkmenistan’s city of Balkanabat at the end of January, the company announced in its Tuesday press release.

The Russian oil company headquartered in Tatarstan’s Almetyevsk city commenced its site’s work with the support of Türkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) State Concern. Heads of the Türkmennebit divisions got acquainted with the unit’s operation on February 5.

The operation start of the tubing repair site was a new step in expanding the range of oilfield services provided by Tatneft in Turkmenistan, according to the statement. The company’s branch in Turkmenistan already provides services to Türkmennebit for wells workovers, ensuring enhanced oil recovery of wells and repair of electric submersible centrifugal pumping units.

Tatneft noted that performance of geological and technological activities at the wells of Turkmennebit made it possible to produce over 300 thousand tonnes of crude oil.

Tatneft highlighted that the repair of tubing, used both in the well workover and in their operation, would reduce investments costs, include unused assets in oil production process and would reduce failures resulted from pipe leaks.

Tatneft repairs and widely operates recovered tubing at its own fields, the press service of the company said. The company now offers such services to the Türkmennebit oil-producing state concern, as well as to other companies in Turkmenistan. Tatneft hired and trained professionals from Turkmenistan to work at the new production facility.

The branch office of Tatneft in Turkmenistan was registered in January 2011. Last December, Tatneft and Türkmennebit signed an additional agreement to continue provision of services to increase the flow rate of oil wells in the Goturdepe field until 2028.


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