Turkmenistan’s Guwlyduz Plant Increases Its Production of Salt

The plant produced about 20 thousand tons of table salt last year.

Turkmenistan’s Guwlyduz plant produced 94.6 thousand tons of salt last year, fulfilling the annual production plan by 102%.

According to Türkmenistan newspaper’s Monday issue, the plant produced 84.1 thousand tons of granulated technical salt and about 20 thousand tons of table salt last year.

The plant located in Balkan velayat’s Guvlymayak village fully provides the domestic market with locally produced salt.

The industrial salt produced at the plant is widely used in the fuel and energy sector of the country for refining petroleum products. The products of the plant are also used in the textile industry when dyeing yarn in different colors. This allows prevention of premature fading of the textiles’ colors. In addition, technical salt is widely used during the heating season and in other spheres of economy.

The Guwlyduz enterprise ranks first in the production of salt in Central Asia and fourth in the world.


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