Lebapetönümleri’s Meat Processing Plant Produces Over 60 Tons of Products

The company presently produces 18 types of sausages.

Lebapetönümleri Open Joint-Stock Company last year produced 60.58 thousand tons of meat and meat products at its production plant in the city of Turkmenabat in Turkmenistan’s Lebap velayat, Türkmen Gündogary newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the chief accountant of the company Atajan Jumabayev, the enterprise plans to improve its production indicators this year and produce 100 tons of the products.

The company presently produces 18 types of sausages, including semi-smoked sausages under the Daşrabat, Hazar, Aşgabat brand, Köýtendag boiled sausages, Saýatly chicken sausage and Şähra wieners.

The company’s products meet the necessary quality requirements.

In different parts of the region, the company has installed 280 refrigerators in private and state-owned stores, which allows it to supply consumers with the fresh products.


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