EBRD Helps Turkmen Company Launch Production of Trainers, Wellington Boots

In 2015, the company launched the production of flip-flops under the brand name Gerçek. (Photo: EBRD)

With finance and business advice from the EBRD, funded by the European Union (EU), Turkmen company Arassa Rysgal diversified its operations and became the first in the country to launch production of trainers and wellington boots.

According to the EBRD’s press release issued last Friday, Arassa Rysgal is a leading manufacturer of light footwear in Turkmenistan, which produces enough flip-flops to satisfy the demand of practically every citizen.

Ayhan Rejepova, the owner of Arassa Rysgal, started the business back in 1997, trading dried fruit and nuts. Following her success, Rejepova started pondering diversification and the establishment of a production line.

In 2015, she launched the production of flip-flops under the brand name Gerçek (Dandy). Currently, she is employing 400 staff, 65% of whom are women.

According to the statement, today Gerçek footwear is very popular. The company’s products are distributed in all five regions of Turkmenistan and are also exported to neighbouring countries. The annual production is growing and has reached 6 million pairs of flip-flops, more than 40,000 wellington boots and 80,000 trainers.

The company was able to secure $2 million in financing from the EBRD to invest in the construction of workshops and the purchase of new equipment.

With plans for further expansion of her enterprise in the future, Rejepova said “with a new investment project we would be able to implement the full cycle of production without dependence on imported raw materials, provide more affordable footwear and create 200 further jobs for women.”

In the company’s seven workshops of different profiles, the production of shoes is carried out in stages: material preparation, cutting, sewing, laser cutting, assembly, lacing and decoration. The raw materials used are mainly artificial leather, yarn of various colors, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.


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