Dashoguz Auto-Repair Factory Expands Its Production of Spare Parts

Dashoguz Auto-Repair Plant produced 2.958 million manats worth of products last year.

Dashoguz Auto-Repair Plant of the velayat’s agricultural production association has established the new production of more than 23 types of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

According to Daşoguz Habarlary newspaper’s Saturday issue, last year the plant produced 2.958 million manats worth of products, of which spare parts worth 2.916 million manats were supplied to the consumers.

The enterprise produces spare parts for such machinery as grain harvesters, arable tractors, soil cultivation equipment, cultivators and agricultural medicine sprayers.

The factory also produced more than 20 thousand cubic meters of industrial oxygen in special cylinders, which is widely used by the plant itself, as well as by other maintenance enterprises.


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