Poultry Farm in Turkmenistan’s Lebap Produces 45 Thousand Eggs Daily

Poultry Complex of Turkmenabat Cooperative Foreign Trade Enterprise in Turkmenistan’s Lebap velayat presently produces 45 thousand eggs from 65 thousand chickens daily.

According to Türkmen Gündogary newspaper’s Tuesday issue, the enterprise is the only poultry complex of the Union of Consumer Societies of the Lebap velayat. The enterprise raises chickens in poultry houses with a length of more than 100 meters, equipped with latest machinery from Turkey and Germany.

According to Bahram Egemberdiyev, a specialist of the enterprise, today about 65 thousand birds are kept in two poultry houses. If all three poultry houses are filled, then their number will exceed 140 thousand.

“Each house has ten hundred-meter rows, where the chickens are placed in steps. There is a five-time feeding regime for chickens. Each bird receives 115-120 grams of feed per day. Thus, 7-8 tons of feed is supplied every day,” Egemberdiyev said in an interview to the newspaper.

The process of feeding feed and water for chickens at the poultry farm is fully automated.

The poultry complex, which will celebrate its first five-year anniversary, employs 35 specialists.


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