Dairy Company in Turkmen Capital Intends to Expand Product Range

Süýt CJSC also operates an Akmaýa brand store in Ashgabat.

The workshops of Süýt Closed Joint-Stock Company process 10 to 20 tons of milk per shift. The company daily sells fresh dairy products to budgetary organizations and retail outlets in Ashgabat.

According to the Neytralnyi Turkmenistan newspaper’s Friday issue, the company produces pasteurized milk, kefir, cream, ayran, sour cream under the Akmaýa trademark, Şapak and Prezident butters, feta cheese and Ýaýla cheese, suzme, cottage cheese and curd products of different tastes.

The company also opened an Akmaýa brand store, where consumers can appreciate the quality and taste of products.

Süýt CJST intends to expand production and diversify product range, according to the report.

The dairy plant in Ashgabat was commissioned in 1981, and in 1997 it became the Süýt CJSC.


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